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Two-wheeler Insurance

A two wheeler insurance policy is designed to protect the owner of the vehicle from the expenses incurred by him in case of accidental damages to a third party as well as to his/her own vehicle.

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This two wheeler insurance plan protects you from financial losses due to accidents. There are add-ons for additional coverage available for a nominal premium. You can also opt for an accidental death and disability policy at a slightly higher premium, which provides you with an adequate safety net in the event of accident or force majeure.

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If your motorcycle or scooter happens to break down unexpectedly when out on the road and there isn t a nearby garage to fix it, we will help you get it up and running again by assisting such as battery jump-start, flat tyre change or minor repairs and even hotel accommodation if necessary in case a waiting period is involved.
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Protection against legal liabilities incurred through senseless accidents that lead to the injury or death of a person, the damage is done to people and/or objects or any other unintentional harm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your two-wheeler insurance will remain valid even if you change your job/residence address. As long as you have a two-wheeler registered in your name and your twowheeler insurance policy is active, you can change either your job or your residence address with no problems. Just make sure that you inform your insurer about your new address. You should update your two-wheeler insurance policy with your new address if you have a two-wheeler loan. If you do not inform your insurer about the change, your insurance policy will not cover your vehicle in the event of an accident or theft.