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Health Insurance

During COVID, 55 Millions (approx... 5.5 Cr) Indians were pushed into poverty due to Hospitalization and other costs.

Every hour 7000 people slipped into poverty during this period.

The major reason for this catastrophe for millions of families was that 64% of Indians meet their hospitalization costs through OOPs (Out of Pocket) expenses.

Only 7 % of Indians are covered through retail health policies while 19% are covered under group health policies. The tough times have made Health segment the largest and the fastest growing segment as health insurance has become one of the basic needs.

Both Stand Alone Health Insurance (SAHI) and general insurance companies have a wide array of products in retail as well as group Mediclaim making it cumbersome for customer to choose the best plan as per his need and capacity to pay.

We make it easy for our customers by demystifying terms like Pre-existing, Restore, Recharge, Co Pay, Room rent restriction, Pre & Post expenses, Exclusions while selling health policies to retail customers or group policies.